During the Golden Age of Baseball, without question, New York City was the capital. In the past century, only New York has had four separate teams in four ball parks, in four separate boroughs of the city. The undeniable character of these neighborhoods made a permanent impact on the sport of baseball.
The impact of baseball could be felt on the streets of New York as well, where a grittier, dressed down version of the game was played: Stickball. The city became a literal part of the game, where manhole covers served as home plate and buildings act as foul lines. Although the setting differed, the spirit of the game remained unchanged.
The Puma NYC collection pays tribute to the history of the game, whether it be played in world famous ball parks of the iconic neighborhoods across the city. 
The graphics for the collection were heavily inspired by NYC baseball and stickball aesthetic, leaning heavily on premium executions and "imperfect" hand drawn illustrations. Each graphic was carefully considered and meant to complement the grit of NYC street sports. 
Apparel Design by Charlie Fencik
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